Paranormal Investigations in Amarillo


Red Dirt Paranormal of Texas is proud to serve all of the Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding areas. We work in conjunction with our family of teams in Oklahoma and Arkansas to not only make sure that families are helped to feel safe but to try to help them understand the reasons behind the paranormal activity taking place in their home.



The first step of a paranormal investigation is an initial interview. We will ask you to go into detail about your experiences and interview other witnesses that have seen or heard the concerning activity.  We are a professional paranormal team, so you will not have to worry about not being taken seriously or thought of as having mental illness.

  • We will ask permission to video or use a voice recorder during the interview so that we can review it later when going over the evidence collected or for possible causes of what could be the cause of the activity.
  • The case manager will take notes during the interview for specific areas that are a concern to the client.


Walk-Through of the Location

The team will perform a walk-through of the location that may include:

  • Take photos as a part of evidence collection.
  • Check for things that might cause influence during an investigation, such as doors that may freely swing due to not being hung straight and noises.


Paranormal Research

We begin research following the walk-through. First we will get your permission to do full research on the location, current occupants, and past occupants. We will also find out what, if any events occurred at the location. Often legends are told about a location that may or may not be accurate. Red Dirt Paranormal thoroughly investigates these claims prior to the investigation. More about Paranormal Research in Amarillo...


Paranormal Investigation

Our team begins by collecting measurements using our equipment.  At this time we take initial temperature readings and EMF readings of the area. We will then begin by taking more photos and setting up video cameras. Once all the equipment is set up, we will begin EVP sessions while taking notes regarding noises, lights, smells, and temperature changes. During the EVP session, we may also use an Ovilus, which makes it easier for an entity to communicate.



At the reveal, we present our evidence and demonstrate activity that could be something other than paranormal.  We also show you what activity is paranormal and make suggestions to deal with it.

  • We may suggest a cleansing. It is important to protect your space and help prevent an increase in paranormal activity. If needed, following a paranormal investigation that we remove unwanted spirits and cleanse your home or work place. More about cleansing...
  • Depending on the evidence we may suggest an exorcism. An exorcism can be described as the act of driving out or warding off demons or evil spirits from a person, place, or object that are believed to be possessed by them. More about demon intervention...

We offer these services to our clients at the end of the reveal, but understand if you have someone who is able to provide that service for you.




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